Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Book: Smarter Romance

The world has gone crazy with dating and courtship.

We’ve got dating services, dating bars, dating web sites, “three minute dating,” “rocket dating,” “S-P-E-E-D" dating, dating by age, dating seniors, dating reviews, executive dating, blue-collar dating, dating games, "Dating in the Dark," dating Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, Buddhist, even Nudist. You can even find dating sweepstakes. There’s Irish dating, British dating, dating Asians, Swedish dating, dating Canadian,…dating, dating, and more dating! A person doesn’t need to look very far to find all kinds of people, programs, and services prepared to help you discover YOUR very best dating style, help you connect it with your best dating places, find just the right partner, and enjoy some of the very best experiences of your entire life.

But along with the good intentioned craziness about dating and courtship, we’ve experienced much disillusionment, national confusion, and heartache. Coincidentally, consider for example that the number of unwed pregnancies and unwed mothers raising children alone today in the United States is unprecedented in our history. It is the one single factor contributing specifically to poverty in the United States. I believe we have had more divorces, more fatherless sons and daughters, more costly litigation, and more clogged courts and dockets in the past fifty years due to romances gone bad than in the previous combined 250 years of this nation’s history. That’s completely nuts!

Smarter Romance is about introducing some very helpful common sense to the dating and courtship scene and its experiences. Yes, and it’s also about helping you connect with your best dating places, finding just the right person, and enjoying the best experiences in your life, but in a way that by-passes the confusion, disillusionment, and future pain. It’s about you being yourself and having fun. It’s about you actually finding yourself becoming increasingly wiser throughout your dating and courtship adventures—it’s about YOU having and enjoying a Smarter Romance.

Order your copy of Smarter Romance ($21.95, a manuscript format, plus shipping; email PDF, $15) at

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